What is it about pumpkins and fall that is so wonderfully fun? 🍂🎃🍁

We told the kids that we would buy them each a pumpkin and if they wanted more than one they would need to bring their own money. They were so smart and good about deciding what they wanted. Caitlyn and Isaac both figured out they could get several smaller pumpkins as their extra with the same amount it cost for one larger one. Mommy loves more than 1 too. Lol. Then the cashier let each of them pick out 1 little baby pumpkin as a gift.

This is the story of how we now have 13 pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors in a beautiful display. 😂🎃

The great thing is these won’t go to waste… we will enjoy them as long as we can. Then once they start to turn my friend’s pigs get to gobble them up as a treat.