Change is one of those things that arrives with mixed emotions.

It’s weird to see the office I’ve been leasing look so empty. I’ve been in this space for 8 years and it has served us well. When we first moved in I renovated it to suit our goals at the time. One of my favorite features is the floor to ceiling white board wall that I had installed for collaborating with designers and clients. The kids creativity has blossomed on that wall and I’ve even taken pictures of some of their favorites. 

And now, it’s time for new walls, the ability to have more time with the people I love and serve our clients even better. I’ll be honest, it is a little sad because it’s an ending and there’s tons of memories here. Yet I’m also excited about what’s ahead for Blu Dove Designs.

I keep reminding myself that endings just mean there are new beginnings on the other side. I’ve put my new space at home together, and have already been working from there exclusively for the last few months. I know I get to keep my memories with me and I look forward to building new ones.

Hears to new beginnings… like sunrises … there is so much beauty yet to behold. 🌅