It’s been 4 years since I wrestled with the decision to put my son in dance and I’m so glad I was open to letting him try.

He is still beaming and just as excited as he was the first day of dance class in 2019. Since then we’ve endured the covid shutdown, taking dance classes in our living room, talent shows on zoom and now we are fully back. After 2 years of ballet, both of my children have joined worship dance at church and decided they wanted to try tap / jazz. They both have really enjoyed the variety.

This year is Isaac’s 4th year, he is almost 7. He’s LOVED being the only boy in class most of the time and other times he really wishes there were other boys that would join him. I remind him that he’s the only one because it takes courage to go after the things you want to do and that he’s special for being the only. The studio he attends always makes sure he has a good part to play and good costumes. They love that he’s not afraid of sparkles so that he can match the girls. The recital in 2022, he got to do a partner dance with a girl and stole the show.

The support he’s been given from everyone around him has been encouraging for him!

We joined a Facebook group called Dance Accepts Everyone Facebook Group, founded by Adam and Ashely Boreland. Adam is a professional dancer, now teacher, and encourager. He is an inspiration to many but especially to my son and boys across the globe who dance. The group was established by him and his wife to encourage anyone to dance who has a desire to dance. It’s been a great place for me to direct Isaac. Through that same group, I connected with a mom from Hong King who has a (now 13 year old) son who dances. I’ve also connected with other boy dance moms.

To say that I’m proud of my son is not even the fullness of my feelings. I am overjoyed to see him feeling free to express his heart whether at home, in the studio, at church or even walking through SeaWorld. Music is in his soul and I love seeing that light shine!  Below are some of my favorite photos… look at those smiles!