Today. I’m praying for our country.

I’m continuing faith that God has a bigger plan than anyone of can see right now. I know we are witnessing a time in history none of us here thought we would see … the ripping apart of the fabric of our country.

The one side believes in the constitution and upholding the rule of law equally; believe in family, God, freedom, closed borders, legal immigration, religious liberty, and the pursuit of success whatever that looks like.

The other side believes that by the division they cause putting children against parents, secular against Christians, black against white, turning men into women, attempts to destroy the nuclear family, open borders, letting criminal go, teaching kids that bc of their skin color they are less than or more than…. they believe they are repairing things and saving our country.

Each side believes the other are the crazy ones.

Yet as ticked off as we get at each other and as much as we disagree, the best thing we can do is pray for our enemies. Pray for their hearts and have compassion on them remembering that many who walked away once believed the lies instead of being prideful of the truth we know.

Instead of calling people names we can and should remember our journey; be the better people by being kind and continuing to have the courage to stand up for what is honorable and true. Love is truly the only thing that vanquishes evil.

God is watching. God is with us. The truth will prevail. Yet as long as we live in a fallen world we will be faced with evil. So guard your hearts and minds against the devil’s schemes; don’t fall prey to less than civil arguments we often are tempted to engage in to prove a point. Lift up the leaders that believe in the constitution and who are fighting for our Republic. Be keepers of the peace by being willing to disrupt the status quo and go against the grain.

Protect your children and watch over them; teaching them truth. For they are our next generation to inherit this country. We have survived wars and revolutions. We can and will survive this. I believe it’s an awakening. And it could get worse before it gets better.

But God is with us.

Whatever is pure, honorable and true… think on these things. Peace and blessings be to you all this Easter. Keep the faith.