There’s a lot of tension right now because of the election; a lot of judgement and intolerance yet a call for unity. I’ve been challenged emotionally, lost some of my focus yet continued the fight; continued to press on trying to find the words I have needed to say in a way that expressed my thoughts authentically, raw, real, ME. So I made this post the other day on Facebook —

If you are truly tolerant and accepting of me you really won’t care who I voted for and you will not judge me on my candidate of choice but instead maybe seek to understand. If you’ve known me for any length of time then you should know the kind of person I am – inclusive, loving, fun, caring, kind, creative and hard-working.


The candidate I chose doesn’t change who I am. I may not agree with you and that is OK. All I ask in return if you don’t agree with me and you truly are my friend, is that you act civil and accept me as I am… without judgement, name calling or vitriol.


If you desire UNITY then be tolerant when your friends have differing ideas; be open to civil discussions; ask questions; answer questions. We might learn something. Canceling people closes the door to unity and causes further division. I’ve never seen it so rampant; families torn apart and friendships lost bc of a candidate choice or a belief.


It’s truly sad.


Yes I’m going to Parler but not to close the door and run away; but instead to open the door to more information.


I will always stand for America, for truth, for democracy, for integrity, for God. Blessings to you all. I know my true friends will remain.

A few friends reached out concerned that I was having a hard time, offering sympathy and a couple said that I didn’t need to prove myself.

That’s correct — I don’t have to prove myself or explain … and I know that. The post wasn’t about sympathy or proving anything.

I’m not really doing this for others. I am not doing so because I feel like I have to but because I want to and I need to… for ME. Although I do hope that by my actions, others are inspired to also stand up and be themselves. I have a passion for the written word and that’s one of the ways I express myself. I have noticed that when I keep it bottled up I get angry and frustrated. When I write I feel free…. so incredibly free!

So many times in my life I have shied away from conflict or been afraid to speak out. I have been afraid of saying what’s really on my mind.

I have felt lately I wanted to be more vocal. I wanted to express more of ME and who I am. I wanted to stand up for what I believe and stop being afraid; stop letting fear dictate what I do or don’t do, what I say or don’t say. Ii wanted to stand up for our President. I’ve been called all kinds of names lately and accused of things I know are not true…. and my skin is getting pretty thick. The coolest thing actually is that I have grown so much in believing in my own value that it doesn’t bother me in the sense that I take it personally like I used to in the not so distant past. I mean it saddens me when people are that way and that friends are being lost but I’m really finding out who my true friends are and I feel sooooo good being my authentic self.

A friend taught me this… “You are not responsible for others’ reaction to your loving truth” and that too has been life changing and instrumental in my speaking my own truth…. in love.

Another friend shared her perspective that “When someone unfriends me, I just look at it that I now have room for a new friend”… and you know what? She’s right!

My aunt unfriended AND blocked me in November, on Facebook. I didn’t even say anything to her and we barely got in a conversation but poof she was gone. We have other things in common and SHE chose that our political differences were too much for her and honestly it’s sad but I’m ok.

In her place, God brought newness … I discovered a part of my family I didn’t know even existed until this weekend!! So I lost one and gained a whole clan!

I think in order to allow ourselves to be authentic we must also be prepared for some losses along the way; people choosing of their own free will that we no longer fit together. So all really is not lost.

Truthfully I will never back down off of my passion for politics – I got my degree in it in college and love it as much as it drives me a little crazy. I have however realized I also need to temper that passion so it’s balanced with the rest of my life.

I know it sounds weird but I actually love fact checking, research, the civil discussions and debate (when they happen), I’m a patriot and I believe in my country too. I’m consider myself pretty open minded to others and I truly want to understand the “why” behind people’s thoughts and ideas…. for no other reason than deeper understanding. Before social media those kinds of conversations were common place for me… now … not so much but not for lack of trying.

Today I set out with a refreshed focus, determination and hope, fearlessly speaking my mind. And when I answered my friend’s message of care and concern, I ended up spilling most of what you see here. That’s when I realized that what I wrote her was destined for more.

My post was not for sympathy like some have thought / commented but one of strength and resolve; of saying this is who I am and I LOVE ME just the way I am.

It has taken me 40+ years to get to this place where I love myself and believe in myself.  A place where I’m becoming a FearBoss.

Thanks for the hugs and support ya’ll. Keep up the faith.

To all my fellow patriots — tomorrow is a new day and we will keep carrying on; I will fight beside you and truth will always prevail.



“Being fully yourself, living your life, expressing yourself honestly is where you are most powerful… and that is success” ~ Helen Flitcroft