There is an aversion and often disdain to the discussion of politics, yet the very definition of politics begs for us to not leave it out entirely of our regular discourse. For if we do, we risk becoming mere subjects of a ruling class versus ruling ourselves as our founding fathers envisioned.

Politics | pol•i•tics pŏl′ĭ-tĭks  | noun

1a: Political science: the art or science of government

1b: The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs; the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy

1c: the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government

2: political actions, practices, or policies

Many people get tired of the political posts. I totally get it. It IS tiring to pay attention to the world around us. Our leaders, I think, count on our tiring of it so that they can get us to look away. The dangerous part of ignoring it or not understanding what is going on and letting it all pass us by is that we may find ourselves in a place where we wake up and realize we no longer have the liberty we once had because we refused to get involved.

First a little background
— not to boast or make myself come across as better than others. Rather to hopefully shed light on where I am coming from when I make politiical posts, commentary, etc. I don’t just pull stuff out of thin air.

Politics wasn’t always been a passion of mine. It stemmed from having to take a required course in community college so I picked the one learning about our government. My interest blossomed from there. The professor I had for that course was passionate about the subject and encouraged those of us who wanted to learn and do more to get involved. I then joined the Student Government and the Student Activity Board. We made decisions for the student body and also about events to help foster the community at our little college. It was through that group I met people of varying backgrounds and religions…. prompting me to learn more about different cultures. We certainly had disagreements among our group but we also found ways to compromise and work together towards a common goal.

I had actually started school to work towards an architecture degree. I found that my love grew for both politics and for architecture. It wasn’t until I worked at an architect’s office that I started tying the 2 together. I learned that politics is a part of everything we do…. BECAUSE it’s part of the governing decisions over our lives….

So I decided to major in both when I got to UF…. that was CRAZY! After learning that Architecture was not where I wanted to be creatively I finished out my political science degree. I had amazing professors who taught me how to dig into the details; to really study everything about political history. What that experience taught me was to listen, research and learn about all sides of a debate; to understand the dynamics of the struggle for power both within a country and outside of our own borders. We don’t live in a vacuum and the United States actually does have enemies that want us gone or suppressed. I studied women’s politics, international politics and political behavior. That’s where I’m coming from…

Right now we have a small minority of elites making all of our decisions from when/how to re-open schools, mask wearing, vaccines, funding for various community programs, saving innocent young lives, keeping us out of wars, economy, what jobs to slash, what jobs to create…and now whether or not it’s ok to censor or punish those with whom we simply disagree.

Seeing my postings about politics may bother some of you and we may have a difference of opinions. That’s ok. You write what you are passionate about and I write what I’m passionate about. That’s America. I write because God put it in my heart to write. I hope to open eyes, to cause people question things, to help people see different perspectives. I don’t write or post to “convince” anyone of my perspective, because I realize my perspective is not the only one in the room.

Our 1st Amendment right says we have the right to have our own thoughts and we would do well as American’s to remember that first and foremost…. that should be our barometer when replying to another, stifling speech or celebrating a company or individual’s ban on twitter. When something like that occurs, it’s not just that one voice that was silenced… it’s all of those who dared follow those “dissenting” voices.

There’s a difference between silencing civil discourse and silencing violence. I will always be against violence and outright hate speech.

I believe where we are now as a country has more to do with differences of opinions on how the country should be run versus any other difference… AND if we (us, common citizens) can figure out a way to compromise, listen and talk to one another maybe we can teach our leaders to do the same….

We have to get out of this black versus white; red versus blue; us versus them mentality and start thinking about liberty versus tyranny; about control of ourselves versus letting someone else tell us how to live, how much money we can make, where we can work and how we educate our children.

I believe it’s when we we do nothing especially where it concerns freedom, we are more part of the problem than we are the solution. So that’s why I speak out continuously.

I love America.

I want my kids to grow up in a free society not afraid to express their own views even if they disagree; I want the country I love to be protected from enemies foreign and domestic; to put American citizens well-being first; to prosper and be a place where anyone with the drive and desire can achieve their version of success. You see, one thing I’ve learned among my business colleagues is that success is multi-faceted and that what I believe to be success for me isn’t the same for my friends.

For me, it’s having a profitable business, for you it may be a well-paying job in your degree field. For some it’s 2 houses and a million dollar income; for others it’s a simple roof over our heads, our health and enough to pay the bills and save. For some it’s traveling the world and others it’s staying put and cultivating a farm. EVERY SINGLE ONE of us starts at a different place and that’s ok… instead of having everyone start at the same place; we need to ensure that everyone has the right to pursue happiness just as our constitution allows.

Our forefathers came here to get away from political and religious persecution…. America was once the land of opportunity and freedom. In the days of Nazi Germany it was the dissenters — even the anti-Nazi Christians were thrown in camps. Today it seems we are right back to a where we started; to a place in history when we fought censorship and the putting down of others; voices that disagree with the prescribed narrative are being shut down every day. It grieves my heart.

I pray our country can rise again to be a beacon though I fear more every day for our country’s safety, security and liberty.

So there you have it for those that wish to know, why I write about politics; why I love a good debate; why I don’t back down and I stay involved. I don’t write to bear-trap people, to argue or to anger people. I write because it’s a passion. and I write because I feel in my heart that it’s the talent God gave me and that if I do not use it for good then I am no better than the one in the story that buried it. If I don’t at least speak out about the evils / wrongs in the world that I am complicit.

I hope and pray that through all of our differences instead of allowing those in power and media to divide us with the hate; we can find the things we have in common and pull together out of love for one another.

God bless you on this beautiful Sunday.